Dear climate warriors,

How was your 2017? Did it leave you outraged, determined, invigorated? Are you ready to join us in 2018 as we work toward our collective vision of a livable climate for all? If so, come join us at our first monthly community meeting of 2018 on Thursday 1/4, 6:30 pm, First Unitarian Universalist Church (2903 Jefferson Ave).

Because the small steps we take forward never seem quick enough, it’s always good to time some time to look behind us and reflect on progress made in various ways. Here are some of our own favorite memories:

  • Canvassing along the Bayou Bridge Pipeline route. 99% of the people had no idea that a large pipeline that could carry 280,000 barrels of crude a day was going to run within a 1/2 mile of their homes. I’m very grateful to have been able to help 350 get the word out to these unsuspecting communities. — Rebecca
  • Sitting down to a working lunch in a Baton Rouge food court following a rally outside LDEQ headquarters with several community groups along Cancer Alley. A mixture of prayer, storytelling, and strategizing as we launched plans for a Louisiana environmental justice summit in early 2018. I’m honored that these communities have welcomed us with trust and respect, and humbled that we have a role to play in making this summit a reality. — Alicia
  • Participating in the opening ceremony of L’Eau Est La Vie camp. Sitting in that circle of water protectors, no two of us alike, I realized the full power and potential of our movement. As we sat in prayer, asking for permission to heal the land, the energy of our intentions could be felt in the air. The storm forming around us held off until moments after our ceremony was complete, and the fire continued to burn, even as it sat in an inch of water. — Meg
  • Reaching out to some people in New Iberia during Festival Acadiens showed me how much work can be done telling the story of pipelines to the people who are living on top of them. — Robert
  • We built new relationships, sustained and supported opposition to multiple new fossil fuel infrastructure projects, became Intervenors in the New Orleans IRP process, and started the filing process for 501(c)(3) status. I’m proud of our willingness to learn and evolve as we faced a variety of challenges, both familiar and unpredictable. Continuing to do so is vital to the future of our movement. — Ben
  • I really enjoyed our float down the bayou with L’Eau Est La Vie camp where we joined in action, solidarity, and some fun. We took turns canvassing and floating down the bayou. Fun! — Sue
  • With each passing year, scientists’ warnings are becoming more desperate. What keeps me from becoming desperate myself is our deep connection and dedication at 350 New Orleans and our friends from so many other groups. All the wonderful friends around me, that’s where my hope comes from. — Renate


We hope you had the chance to make some inspiring memories too. We’ll see you soon.

In love and solidarity,
350 New Orleans