Dear friends,

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for being part of our year, and of our work. If you are taking time to read through this email, you are one of our supporters– and we couldn’t do what we do without you.

In 2018, your friends at 350 New Orleans:

  • Incorporated and registered as a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization;
  • Sent several of our members to the front lines of the Bayou Bridge fight to engage in direct action via work stoppage;
  • Organized mass call-in and write-in campaigns to hold the Governor accountable to the St. James community on Bayou Bridge;
  • With other plaintiffs, sued to hold Bayou Bridge, LLC accountable under public records law for acting as an instrument of the state by seizing land;
  • With other plaintiffs, filed a petition to intervene to keep the mercenary firm TigerSwan from operating in Louisiana;
  • Helped break the story of Entergy’s paid actor scandal regarding the NO East gas plant hearings;
  • Joined other plaintiffs in a lawsuit charging that City Council violated Open Meetings law during hearings on the gas plant;
  • Joined other plaintiffs petitioning for a new vote regarding the gas plant following the closed meetings and the paid actor scandal;
  • Helped organize and marched beside community partners in New Orleans and Killona against the proposed gas plant;
  • Joined Louisiana Environmental Action Network on a legal challenge to the permits for the Pin Oak Terminal;
  • Collaborated with community partners to coordinate the Rise for Climate action and march in St. James;
  • Was a sponsoring organization and presented several informational sessions at RootsCampLA;
  • Organized a day of action for environmental justice as part of the Poor Peoples’ Campaign;
  • Facilitated Nonviolent Direct Action trainings to support the No BBP movement and the Poor Peoples’ Campaign;
  • Formed our Sustainable Labor workgroup to explore a path forward for green jobs in Louisiana;
  • Obtained official intervenor status on City Council dockets related to energy reliability, a 5MW solar project, the 2018 Integrated Resource Plan, proposed Entergy rates, a community solar project, and the establishment of a Renewable Portfolio Standard;
  • Rallied to support the Our Childrens’ Trust lawsuit;
  • Were invited to serve as a pillar organization of the re-formed Justice and Beyond;
  • Helped organize a mass direct action mobilization against ALEC during their annual meeting;
  • Raised money to send our volunteers to an Undoing Racism training facilitated by PISAB, along with fellow members of the Cayenne Coalition;
  • Helped organize and marched beside community partners in St. James against the proposed Formosa facility;
  • Mobilized to educate against and ultimately weaken a state bill meant to criminalize peaceful protest;
  • And more.

And throughout the year, we also:

  • Continued to attend community meetings held by our partners at the HELP Association in St. James, Concerned Citizens of St. John and Rise St. James;
  • Helped these partners with needs they had related to canvassing, design work, and financial support;
  • Continued to attend meetings with local partners such as Justice and Beyond and the Cayenne Coalition to work toward a collective vision for our city;
  • Held monthly meetings for our members and friends to facilitate discussions, create art, and plug into the larger local climate movement;
  • Spoke out for the climate on numerous radio programs and in numerous letters to the editor;
  • Volunteered, provided sponsorship, and tabled at conferences and events throughout New Orleans and beyond;
  • Attended and spoke up at city council meetings, parish council meetings, and agency hearings;
  • Met with city councilmembers and other government officials to make the case for renewable energy.

And in 2019, with your support we hope to do more.

Please consider a year-end, tax-deductible donation to 350 New Orleans to support our volunteer-driven work.

We couldn’t have done it without you, we can’t do it without it, we don’t want to do it without you.

In love and solidarity,
350 New Orleans