Dear community,

Thank you. It was your time, phone calls, letters, donations, marching, and words of encouragement that moved us, albeit slowly, albeit incrementally, closer down the path toward a livable climate for all people. This is what we (and that means YOU!) accomplished in 2019:

Advocating for renewable energy and a just transition away from fossil fuels:


Supporting fenceline communities fighting for environmental and climate justice:

  • Helped plan the historic “March Against Death Alley” in both May and October, drawing national attention to injustices faced by communities along the petrochemical corridor
  • Submitted formal comments on CDC’s Federal Register notice of plans to revise the protocol and methodology for investigating cancer clusters
  • Accepted an invitation to send representatives to the Permian Gulf Coast Convening to build the national movement of folks fighting against the proliferation of plastics
  • Attended numerous public meetings and hearings as a member of the Coalition Against Death Alley and submitted official comments on upcoming petrochemical development projects (and our opposition helped stop Wanhua!)


Challenging institutions and speaking truth to power:


Forging connections and building the global climate movement:

  • Mobilized with partners to plan New Orleans climate strikes in September and December, in solidarity with youth organizers throughout the world
  • Facilitated numerous trainings in Nonviolent Direct Action for partner organizations, students, and other New Orleans-based justice groups
  • Sponsored and presented at RootsCampLA and offered scholarships for community organizers to attend other conferences
  • Continued in our role as a pillar organization of Justice and Beyond
  • Held monthly public meetings with amazing guest speakers


If our mission continues to speak to you, please consider a donation to set our volunteers up for success in 2020. Because we can never say it enough, we will say it again: we could never do it without you.

Ready to work,
In love and solidarity as always,
The volunteers, organizers, Board, and community of 350 New Orleans