We all know Entergy – we get our electricity bill each month with their familiar logo on it, and usually don’t stop to think about where exactly our energy is coming from. It turns out that Entergy, which answers to the New Orleans City Council, is decommissioning two gas-fired power plants that are over 40 years old, resulting in a 300-megawatt energy gap. This means that 30% of our energy need is currently unaccounted for in Entergy’s plans. 350 Louisiana sees this 30% gap as an opportunity to demand better for New Orleans and for our climate.

Join our campaign calling on the New Orleans City Council to mandate that Entergy New Orleans (ENO) obtain at least 20% of energy needs from renewable sources by 2020 through the Integrated Resource Plan. We also request that ENO factor in external costs of burning fossil fuels in their cost projections for providing energy to ratepayers.
renewable energy

We need your help to build grassroots support for a renewable energy future in New Orleans. Entergy is not currently on track to make this a reality. As a part of their “Integrated Resource Plan,” which proposes different energy mixes for the future, Entergy plans to fill the energy gap by building a traditional natural gas plant. These plants have a 50-year lifespan, committing us to natural gas until 2070. While branded as a clean energy source, natural gas is made up of 95% methane, a potent greenhouse gas that contributes significantly to climate change. If we wish to avoid climate catastrophe, we cannot continue our dependence on this fuel source.

Ultimately, the transition away from natural gas and fossil fuels is inevitable. Entergy’s current plans are short-term profit-driven. Implementing renewable energy technology now will not only save Entergy and us, the ratepayers, money in the long term, but will also help protect our city from the devastating effects of climate change. New Orleans has, by some estimates, the worst sea level rise projections in the world. City Council has an obligation to do what is best for New Orleans, but sometimes they need an extra push to do what is right. Help us defend this dynamic and culturally rich city that we love so deeply by calling on the City Council to mandate that Entergy implement renewable energy and energy efficiency programs. Help us demand a transition to a renewable energy economy by signing the petition and getting involved with 350 Louisiana.