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The 2018 Integrated Resource Plan

We are intervenors on the 2018 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP). The IRP outlines the city’s 20-year outlook for electricity supply and demand. We are pushing for ambitious goals in energy efficiency and a growing supply of renewables, in accordance with the city’s Climate Action Plan. We are focusing on issues of environmental justice and work for greater transparency and community involvement in the IRP process.


No New Gas Plant in N.O. East

Additionally, we are advocating against Entergy New Orleans’ (ENO) proposed new gas fired power plant in N.O.East. The proposed plant options will not only worsen climate change, but are also costly for ratepayers, pose health threats from pollutants, is racially discriminatory, and lacks public input. Sitting next to a levee, the site of the old plant is sinking faster than the rest of our already subsiding land. Entergy is a regulated monopoly in New Orleans, so City Council has full say in the energy direction of our city. We are pushing them to consider the real costs of this plant.

We are actively working with the following organizations on these issues:

Alliance for Affordable Energy
Deep South Center for Environmental Justice
Sierra Club



The Public Interest Intervenors’

Ten Points Against ENO’s Power Plant Proposal

We don’t need this expensive, old-fashioned gas power plant, and we shouldn’t have to pay for it for the next three decades.

Collectively, the Deep South Center for Environmental Justice, Sierra Club, 350 New Orleans, and the Alliance for Affordable Energy presented arguments in opposition to Entergy’s request to build a gas power plant in New Orleans East. Testimony came from local and national experts on issues ranging from energy economics, engineering, environmental justice, health, geology, and regulatory policy.

The 10 Points:
  1. IT’S TOO COSTLY. Gas-fired peaking plants, like the ones Entergy wants to build, are among most expensive ways to generate energy.
  2. IT WON’T MAKE US SAFER. It’s vulnerable to storms and its out of sync with modern disaster resilience strategies.
  3. WE DON’T NEED IT. It’s too much power. Power we won’t use from a plant that will be sitting idle.
  4. OUR OUTAGES WON’T GO AWAY. The power plant won’t fix our failing distribution system or the years of neglect which directly cause 99% of our 2,000+ power outages each year.
  5. ENTERGY IS INFLATING ALL THE NUMBERS. It will only create 13 full-time jobs. We don’t need this much power. Buying power from the regional marketplace is much more affordable.
  6. IT’S UNJUST + TARGETED. N.O. East residents don’t deserve to inhale 2,000,000 pounds of toxic pollution! In addition, this plant will cause flooding and damage to our levees.
  7. WE WANT ENERGY EFFICIENCY. Eliminating energy waste is the cheapest and best way to meet our energy needs.
  8. WE WANT CHEAPER OPTIONS. New Orleans is already heavily dependent on the volatile pricing of natural gas power, while renewable pricing continues to decrease. This plant will raise ratepayers monthly bills by $5-15.
  9. WE WANT TRANSPARENCY. The public record shows troubling indications of ENO’s long-term plan to build a gas plant, and the City Council’s consultants willing support, dating several years prior to complete, public review of ENO’s application.
  10. WE WANT ALL OPTIONS CONSIDERED. ENO failed to rigorously analyze alternative resource options such as energy efficiency, and solar PV. ENO failed to conduct a competitive solicitation process, instead soliciting only bids for gas plants.

Together, the Public Interest Intervenors urge City Council to reject both proposed generation facilities and find that consideration of a complete set of alternatives is essential to the protection of consumer interests. A competitive solicitation should be issued for New Orleans capacity needs and its bids received and thoroughly reviewed.

The Council is expected to make a decision in February following more testimony from their advisors, Entergy, and an evidentiary hearing scheduled for December.

For more information, including full expert testimonies, go to Alliance for Affordable Energy.




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